Britto Vandalized in Miami Shores




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  2. I think the vandalism adds significantly to the piece.

  3. OMG! that’s just wrong! LOL

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  5. Art critic got (beach) balls

  6. i can only assume that because the artist is gay and hispanic that this is automatically a “hate” crime

  7. bulldog – there is no way you can turn this into a hate crime. I do not condone vandalism but the whole “Britto as Art” question and discussion has been out for many years and in this case, has nothing to do with bigotry – I have many gay friends that don’t consider Britto Art and have many Hispanic friends (me included), that don’t like the evolution of Britto and his commercialism. You assumption is simply wrong.

  8. Whoa — is Bulldog’s comment really sincere? It takes a routine of mental gymnastics to get to hate crime on this one. The impetus is far less complex: Britto sucks.

  9. While some (if not most) consider Britto’s work not worthy of the label art, the fact is that it is art (albeit terrible art). Vandalizing someone’s work is never OK. I’m sure there are far better ways to make the point Britto sucks.

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  12. I’m tired of seeing his SHIT everywhere.. It like diarrhea all over Miami’s landscape.. I have my own thoughts on Miami’s Commissioned Public Art scene.. Check out #CompleteSHIT coming to a Wynwood Gallery 8.13.2011..

  13. […] Picture thanks to Miamismpix […]

  14. […] this same Britto sculpture in Miami Shores was vandalized and we posted a photo on our sister site, MiamismPix.  Needless to say, this caused quite a stir and the Miami art community was not afraid to voice […]

  15. I think the use of our tax dollars for “art” that has no real expression is absurd. I’m glad someone has the balls to do this. If they can blow our cash on bullshit then we have a right to protest it. They don’t like urban art but they litter our vision with 3rd rate pollution.

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